Why I Love My Virtual Debit Card

Nov 27, 2018
The Virtual Assistant Connection: Why I Love My Virtual Debit Card

Like most VAs, I work by the hour. Unlike most VAs, I get paid up front and have zero bad debt.

Given the scope and unpredictability of the work, it’s hard to come up with a flat fee that makes you and the client happy.

But hourly work presents many problems, not the least of which is the fact that you get paid after the work is done. With some clients, it also means constantly chasing them for a check.

Luckily, soon after I began working as a VA, I came up with the idea of a virtual “Debit Card” to charge for my services.

Here’s how it works:

  • Clients pre-pay for either 5 or 10 hours of my time. This time goes on their “Debit Card.” Buying a Debit Card is a clear sign that they’re ready to get started.
  • I report to clients via email every Monday morning, specifying how much time is left on their Debit Card, so they always know where they stand.
  • Clients buy the Debit Card via credit card so I’m paid immediately. No more waiting by the mailbox for checks.
  • I’ve set up my website to automatically send clients a paid invoice once they purchase a Debit Card.
  • The time on a Debit Card is good for one year. I’ve found that this removes pressure to use the time quickly and allows me to have more clients at one time. Some clients buy a Debit Card every two weeks, others once a year, just so they have access to me any time they have a question or a project.
  • When there’s no more time on the Debit Card, I stop working until it’s “reloaded.”

I love this system because it’s clear, simple and I never have to remind clients about paying their invoices. I simply say “your Debit Card is empty” and they know that if they want the work to continue, they’ll need to buy more time.

If you're interested in setting this up, check out our affordable, step-by-step course here.




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