The Debit Card System is a seamless payment method for getting paid upfront for your work.


The improved cash flow will transform your VA business. No contracts and no headaches!

And no time-consuming invoicing or chasing down clients who are slow to pay.

You can implement my time-tested and straightforward step-by-step system in just a few hours.

Not a techie? No worries!

Exhausted and Overwhelmed by...

  • Chasing clients for overdue payments?
  • Waiting weeks for checks to arrive in the mail… only to turn around and wait again for them to clear your bank account (all while hoping they don’t bounce)?
  • The stress of being ghosted and never getting paid at all?
  • Spending billable hours to review, explain, and negotiate invoices for free?
  • Writing a proposal for each new client or project?
  • Scope creep that eats into your time and causes tension with clients?
Hi, I’m Belinda!

I experienced all of these problems when I started my Virtual Assistant business in 2010. Like most VAs, I billed my clients after completing their work.

It was time-consuming and stressful, and I felt like I was always chasing the money owed to me for work that had been done weeks (or even months) prior.

I don’t do that anymore! 100% of my clients pay me entirely upfront for my time. You read that right… 100%.

That’s because I invented The Debit Card System and immediately implemented it for my business.

Today, everything about my work life
as a VA has changed
  • I have ZERO bad debt

  • No more wasting precious time chasing clients for money

  • Clients pay by credit card, so the funds automatically go into my bank account

  • Payments are received whether I’m at my desk… or on vacation

  • No hassling with multiple-priced packages or flat-rate projects

  • The Debit Card System integrates with Stripe - the most flexible payment processor on the market. 

What is The Debit Card System? 

  • Sell your hours in “chunks”
  • One hourly rate, no matter what I’m doing
  • You set the expiration date for hours purchased
  • Choose and set up your payment method
  • The work starts AFTER I get paid
  • Track your hours and report back to clients
 And best of all, my clients love it! 

Instead of wondering whether or not to hire me for a task or project, they are eager to spend down the time they’ve already purchased.

The weekly email keeps me top of mind and alerts them when their debit card balance runs low. With one click, they visit my website, recharge it, and reserve more time. It’s completely self-service! Then the whole cycle starts again (and again and again).

Improved cash flow and steadier work for me; less stress for my clients.

Are you ready to uncomplicate your life?
I’ll teach you how to do this too!

My newly updated course shows you how to set up a customized debit card system for your business. Simply and step-by-step. In a few short hours, you’ll immediately begin enjoying the benefits of this system. 

Together we’ll cover…


Module 1: Welcome!

  • Overview of the Debit Card System
  • Why getting paid upfront is the only way to go
  • The words and concepts that make the system work

Module 2: Laying the Ground Work

  • What is Stripe, and how to set it up
  • Ensuring a secure environment for client credit card data
  • Setting up a simple WordPress page for accepting payments

Module 3: Managing the Day-to-Day

  • Creating your welcome email and what to say
  • How to use easy online tools to track your time
  • Keeping your clients in the loop with a weekly email
  • How to ensure your clients continue to buy more time

Module 4: Managing Client Expectations

  • How to explain the Debit Card concept to your clients and prospects
  • How to let clients know when their balance is running low mid-project
  • How to handle expiration dates
  • What happens when a client doesn’t use all of their time 

Module 5: Advanced Tips & Tricks

  • Customizing your checkout page
  • Canva Debit Card template
  • Modifying your client payment receipts for maximum impact
  • How to Wow clients by offering them the option to purchase extra time at year-end (that won’t cost you anything)
  • How to create a Gmail template for emails 
Praise for the Debit Card

From Virtual Assistants... and Their Clients

Jo Purseglove

Virtual Assistant
Jo Purseglove

Using the Debit Card system for my VA business has simplified my payment process and the user experience my clients receive.

Here in the UK, bank transfers are commonplace for services such as mine but this method is not only time consuming but also leaves a margin for errors. The Debit Card system gives my busy clients the flexibility to purchase time when they are available to and also leaves us both with less admin tasks filing invoices and receipts.
Not to mention, The Debit Card System standardises an upfront payment process which offers added payment security for myself which as a freelancer is invaluable.
It's a win win! 


Marie Bankuti

VA Client
Tether Free Vision

The debit card method of payment is fantastic!

It's super quick and easy, you pay up front when it works for you, and each week you receive an email with balance update. The funds can be used for any of Belinda's services, making it flexible and a great way to meet immediate needs.

Marci Reich

Virtual Assistant
Load Lightener Virtual Assistance >

I love using The Debit Card System. Using Belinda’s instructions, it was easy to set up, and it’s really easy to use. It eliminates the need to continually discuss money with your clients, which avoids a lot of uncomfortable conversations.

Also, whenever I explain it to prospective clients, they always comment on what a great idea it is and often ask me to set it up for their business.  I highly recommend using the Debit Card System. 



Kristine Schroeder

Virtual Assistant
Schroeder Administrative Solutions

One of the biggest questions when you start to get clients is how to bill them.

Unfortunately, there are people who would have you do the work and never pay. Belinda’s Debit Card System cuts that off at the pass. Your clients pay you upfront.

Belinda’s step-by-step instructions for setting this up were invaluable. It would have taken a lot of time and research to figure out some of the aspects.

Instead, I was able to follow along with really easy to understand instructions. I have to admit, even now, when I have to set a client up with a similar payment system, I go back to the Debit Card System and rewatch!

Nick Miller

VA Client
Clarity Advantage

Belinda's debit card system is TERRIFIC.

She reminds me weekly about remaining hours. I can add hours at any time - easy to do with my credit card - and I can use the time as I need it.


Carrie McWherter

Virtual Assistant
All In Order With Carrie 

I learned about the Debit Card System from Belinda during the Kickstart Challenge and got the course when I joined VA School.

It was easy to set up and is such a great idea. Step-by-step instructions and videos...everything from setting up the accounts and payment links, and adding the links to your website.

I love that I am always paid before doing the work, and I don't have to be talking about money constantly.

Linh Doan

Virtual Assistant
Virtual Samurai

 Before I implemented Belinda's Debit Card System I struggled with getting my clients to pay for the work I had already delivered and had to do a lot of "chasing."

It was frustrating and inefficient. After implementing Belinda's simple Debit Card System, I have not had to do any more chasing and have saved myself so much time and stress.

There have been no more conversations or worries about money with my clients after rolling out this fantastic system. I highly recommend the debit card system as a foundation for all successful virtual assistant businesses. 

Lisa Corrado

VA Client
Lisa Corrado Coaching

There are so many things I love about the Debit Card System.

It's so easy to buy time and keep the card loaded with hours. I wouldn't dream of running out of time because when I need help, Belinda's right on it.

Dana Williams

Virtual Assistant
At Your Virtual Service 

When I met with a prospective client, he asked me, “So, how does this work? Do you bill me?" I said, "No! Let me show you.”

I sent him to my debit page and explained it. He said, “Wow! This is pretty ingenious! I’ve never seen this before. What a great way to do it.” 


Get Started Today



  • Choose One Hourly Rate 
  • Sell Your Hours in Chunks
  • Get Paid Upfront
  • Track Your Hours
  • No More Invoices
  • ZERO chasing bad debt