Belinda's Story...

I help women create and build thriving businesses as Virtual Assistants so that they can make more money, in less time, with better clients.

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It was 9:00 PM on a Wednesday night when the text arrived. It was my real estate agent, telling me that after not being able to make a mortgage payment for more than a year, I had an offer on the house.

That was good news, but it was far from over.

Debt was stacked up all around me. I was a newly single mom with a 9-year old daughter, and I was struggling to find a job. Over the next six months we moved twice, until I could find an apartment in a safe neighborhood with a decent school system.

I knew I had to make something happen, I just wasn’t sure how to do it. In a previous life, I’d been an admin and an office manager for years. I knew how to use MS Office and Constant Contact, and I could code a little in HTML. But I had no idea how to translate that into a viable business that could support us. 



I decided to call myself a Virtual Assistant. I made a list of the services I could offer, decided on an hourly rate and started telling everyone I knew all about my new business, RocketGirl Solutions.

At first, I struggled with my confidence, not knowing what the heck I was doing. But I kept going. It caught on. By my second year I was earning a six-figure income – yes, more than $100,000 a year from my dining room table, all with just a computer and a cell phone. 



Life looks very different now. My business is thriving (I’ve made more money every year for ten years in a row), my daughter, Emily, just graduated from college, and my husband Greg and I recently moved to our charming farmhouse in Virginia.

I decided that I wanted to help other women launch and build their own Virtual Assistant businesses too, so that they could have the flexibility and freedom that I enjoyed. I lead them through the process, start to finish, step-by-step so they can skip the struggle and get to work.

I know how hard life can be. I’ve been there. If you’re ready to build a business that works for you, let’s get started.