Hi there! I'm Belinda.

I bet you're here because someone you trust told you to check out being a Virtual Assistant. Or maybe you've been Googling "work from home" and stumbled upon one of my videos, blog posts, or webinars and want to learn more. However you got here, welcome. It's nice to meet you!

In 2019, after 9 years as a successful Virtual Assistant, I was inspired to help other women launch their own Virtual Assistant businesses so that they can have life-changing flexibility and freedom too.

No matter your starting point, this site is filled with valuable resources to get you on your way. 

From start to finish, I'm here to lead you through the process, step by step, so you can skip the struggle and get to work.

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Laurel Heath

I stumbled upon your VA Kickstart, which led me to your course. I feel blessed that I did. I was at the point of giving up. Due to what I learned from you, I now have six clients. I can't thank you enough for sharing your wisdom, advice, and tools. You saved my business and I now feel motivated, fulfilled, and worthwhile.

Marion Metz

I like the VA School group is so small. Therefore you CAN teach and support us kind of individually when needed. I've been in a few paid coaching groups, and there were hundreds of participants and therefore you weren't really heard. The bigger the group gets, the more the individual gets lost. VA School is exactly what I always wanted, I love it, and I love Belinda's genuine way of teaching.

Cheryl Lewis-Thurab

Being a part of VA School has been an amazing experience. I enjoyed learning from Belinda and sharing ideas with this amazing group of women that are all dedicated to helping each other succeed! I looked forward to each class with much anticipation. Thank you Belinda and everyone who was part of VA School. Cheers to our ongoing success!

Shelley Bengert

When I started I had just lost my job of 10 years... within 8 weeks my husband was informed that he could no longer be paid at his job... so lots of things!

However... drum roll... when I started I had ZERO clients and was a nervous wreck. After joining VA School I now have 6 clients. I'm so thankful for Belinda and her excellent and practical teaching.

Linda Flamer

This has been a great experience in many ways. First, Belinda is so personable and knowledgeable. She shared from her experience and research. I had a lot of questions regarding how to do what I need to do and was provided instructions, examples and templates that made what I was learning very clear. Additionally, everything was recorded so that I can fall back on each session. The live Study Halls were awesome. The shared knowledge and questions of those who did attend, the live sessions were priceless and added so much value to the learning process. The guest speakers, the templates. Awesome experience.

Powerful  Resources to Create, Grow, and Scale Your Business

The Best Apps, Tools & Plug-ins For VAs

Everything you need to know about the tools to Manage and Run Your Business as a VA.

I Want This!

Getting Great Clients as a Virtual Assistant

If you need help getting clients, this guide is what you've been looking for. 

Yes, Please!

The Virtual Assistant Money-Making Task List

Wondering if you have skills that clients are looking for? This is for you.

I'm In! Let's Go!
Plus Live Weekly Trainings 

Lessons from the Cockpit

Tuesdays at 10:30 AM ET

In this weekly 30-minute training, Lessons from the Cockpit, you'll find both tactical and practical information about creating, growing and scaling your Virtual Assistant business no matter where you're starting from. 

Topics for upcoming trainings include:

  • Boundaries: How to Set and Keep Yours
  • How Many Clients Do I Need?
  • How to Build an Email List
  • Why You Never Give Discounts
  • And more...
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The RocketGirl Show

Thursdays at 11:30 AM ET

During this 15-minute training every Thursday, you'll learn quick tips and tricks that you can use immediately in your Virtual Assistant business. 

Topics for upcoming shows include:

  • Why Multi-tasking is Dangerous
  • The Power of #Stoptalking
  • What's In The Way of Your Success
  • Why It's Important To Charge By The Hour
  • How To Work With a Variety of Client Styles
  • And more...
Check Out Our Training Schedule

Let's Do This Together.

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  • Practical advice on how to start your business every single week
  • LIVE training twice a week to help you get your business off the ground
  • Community, friendship, and support from people just like you.  
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What's New on the Blog...

I Need to Think About That

March 27, 2023

About a year ago, a client named Joan sent me an email asking me to meet with her about the three remaining hours on her Debit Card.

The time she had purchased was about to expire, so I was glad to hear from her.

Much to my surprise, instead of asking me to help her with a project, she requested a refund.

Read more.

Take Charge of Your Day

March 20, 2023

Every day, we’re faced with decisions about how to spend our time. 

It’s easy to let life run the show and determine the flow of our days. It’s also easy to get to the end of the day and wonder what happened to the time.

But I know you. You’ve got dreams and goals and things that you want to make happen. So, what’s a girl to do?!

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What Gets in the Way of Achieving Your Goals

March 13, 2023

Most of us want something in our lives to be different. It’s human nature. Maybe we want to buy a home, make a change in our lifestyle, be in a relationship, or start our own business.

The very nature of a goal is to challenge us. It’s important to realize that when we succeed, we will have changed. It’s impossible to maintain our old behaviors and attitudes and achieve something new at the same time.

Read more.

Improve Your Accountability

February 20, 2023

Everyone talks about accountability. Mostly we complain about it, saying we don’t have enough; we need more, or wish that someone would hold us accountable.

I think we’re really saying that we’re not getting the things done that matter the most to us. We’re doing, doing, doing, but not feeling the satisfaction of accomplishment nor moving the needle on our goals.

 Read more.


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