Setting Powerful Financial Goals For The New Year

Jan 07, 2019
The Virtual Assistant Connection: Setting Powerful Financial Goals For The New Year

One of my goals each year is centered around how much money I want to make as a Virtual Assistant.

Here are a few tips for setting your financial goals for 2019:

  1. Review your hourly rate. Ask yourself, “Am I charging enough for the services that I provide?” What are clients willing to pay for my expertise and time? A great way to test this is to raise your rates for only new clients and see where your sweet spot is. Then, if necessary, you can gradually raise your rates for your loyal and existing clients.

  2. Decide how many hours you want to work. One of the great things about being a VA is that you get to decide how much and when you work. To stay on track, I suggest that you decide a minimum of hours you want to work a week and track your progress.

  3. Do the math. Now that you have determined your hourly rate and how many hours you intend to work each week, multiply the rate by the hours and see how much money you will be making per week and per year. If you’re satisfied with the result, great. If you’re not, you can make adjustments to either your rate or hours worked each week.

When we work for ourselves it’s easy to lose track of financial goals and progress. Each week won’t be the same, but I’ve found that my results are much better when I establish a plan ahead of time.

Here’s to your success!




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