The #1 Skill You Need to be a Successful VA

Sep 19, 2022
The VA Connection: The #1 Skill You Need to be a Successful Virtual Assistant

The question I get asked the most by new VAs is “What are the skills I need to have in order to make really good money?

And I can see by the look on their faces that they hope I’m going to hand them the magic list that will get them where they want to be.

But I don’t have the list they are looking for. There is no list.

But there’s some really good news. Every client is different, every VA is different, and the key is to find clients who want the skills that you have to offer. Once you gain some confidence, this is easier than you think. And that’s why the number one skill to concentrate on while building your business is confidence.

Here’s what works:

  1. Find a guide. Along my journey in business, I have consistently looked for people who have already achieved the success that I want. I study with them, ask them questions, and follow their advice and counsel. I have always chosen my guides carefully and that has served me well. I’ve learned that going out alone in unchartered territory wastes a lot of time.

  2. Listen to the voices in your head. How we talk to ourselves (AKA, the voices in our heads) matters. It matters a lot. If you hear yourself speaking harshly or telling yourself you’re crazy or that this will never work, change the message. Reassure yourself by saying “I have what it takes,” “I’ll figure this out,” “I’ve got this,” or “I am proud of myself.

  3. Be careful who you talk to. Whether this is your first business idea or your last, be careful who you share your idea with. It’s likely that the people in your life, especially those who don’t know the joy of having their own business, will try to protect you. They will point out why this is a crazy idea and why you should get a job. This can be confidence shattering. Don’t spend time trying to convince them you’re right, shift and hang out with people for support who are on a similar path.

  4. Do one thing at a time. Starting a business is no time for shiny object syndrome. It’s a time for focus, consistency, and commitment to your dream. If you’re going to be a success, you’ll need to prioritize the work you need to do to get your business started and stick to the plan. Multi-tasking will cause delay and erode your confidence. Doing and completing one thing at a time will build confidence.

  5. Keep your word to yourself. Set realistic goals with deadlines for yourself and hit them. Do what you say you’re going to do and don’t let yourself off the hook. Sometimes, you’ll have to do something unreasonable, like get out of bed or get up early to complete the work you promised yourself you would do.

    When you do this consistently, you’re showing yourself that you’re responsible, capable and that you are a person who keeps their word. This is the number one builder, hands down, of confidence.

A lot of people think it’s a good idea to wait until they have more confidence before they start a business or take a first step. Well, that’s likely going to be a long wait.

Confidence comes from taking action, taking risks, and doing things that are uncomfortable. But once your confidence starts to grow, so will your business. You’ve got this.



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