You Are The Solution

Jun 03, 2024
The VA Connection: You Are The Solution

When Virtual Assistants are just starting their businesses, they believe getting clients is the primary objective. And they’re right; getting clients will bring in revenue and allow them to reach their financial goals. So it makes sense that they focus their time and energy on this.

To get clients, these new Virtual Assistants strategize how to educate strangers about why they need a VA. They worry about their pitch, work on their portfolios, and do endless Google searches to learn about choosing an ideal client and cold-calling techniques. They also wonder if they should look for work on social media, job posting websites, or join a service like Upwork.

They treat getting clients like hunting: Stalking their “prey” and trying to get hired.

This method of finding clients is exhausting and inefficient and almost always leads to feeling discouraged. VAs who look for work in this manner wonder if making any money, much less a consistent income, is possible.

And that’s because they are ignoring one simple but important fact: A Virtual Assistant is the solution to someone’s problem.

There is plenty of work for Virtual Assistants, and plenty of people are already looking for a VA. However, they don’t know about you because deep down inside, you think you have nothing to offer and are hesitant to spread the word about your business.

You stay the best-kept secret, telling yourself you don’t know the right people or enough people; that you’re shy or introverted; or just not comfortable talking about yourself. And your business never gets going or, worse, limps along while you wish something would change.

Imagine for a second that you knew the cure for cancer, and you didn’t tell anyone about it because you’re worried about what they might think. That’s ridiculous, right? How many lives could you save if you had the courage to speak up, and how disappointed would your friends, family, and community be to find out years later that you had been sitting on a cure all this time and didn't tell anyone?

How many businesses could you help if you told everyone you know about your work?

And how would your life change if you consistently earned $2K, $3K, or $5K every month?

That’s not out of reach. But you have to open your mouth. Not sell, not convince. Just be willing to reach out and connect with the people you know. Tell them what you’re up to.

When you do this, on any given day, someone you believe will never hire you or are afraid to reach out to could refer you to your all-time favorite client. If only they knew you were a VA.

New Virtual Assistants who haven’t experienced the joy and gratitude expressed by a client they have helped believe that by getting hired, the client is helping them. In fact, it’s the other way around. You are the solution; go for it.



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