Tools You Need

Jun 13, 2021

Lots of new virtual assistants, think that they need big expensive systems to manage their businesses. CRMs, project management and marketing automation…

Here’s the deal. When I first started RocketGirl Solutions ten and a half years ago I had two clients. I used spiral notebooks to track my client work – one per client. This worked fine until I had six clients. Then it became unworkable.

When I added my 7th client I started to use Asana, a simple project management tool that provides checklists. It was free and could move easily out of my notebooks and into Asana. Now I could also access my lists from an app on my phone (a big perk!).

When I reached twenty clients and the work became more complex, I went looking for the next solution: TeamWork and moved all my work into the new system. I’ve been using it daily for about eight years and it has plenty of room for growth. In fact, it’s easily able to accommodate my 43 clients with no end in sight.

Yes, it took eight and a half years to get here, but if I had tried to use TeamWork in the beginning, when I had 2,6, or even 10 clients, it would have been overwhelming.

When it comes to tech solutions for your business, look for what works today and a little bit beyond. You can always ramp up as needed, but if your solution doesn’t work right now, you’ll never get to that next level!




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