Time To Set Some Goals

Dec 23, 2019
The Virtual Assistant Connection: Time To Set Some Goals

When you’re working as a Virtual Assistant, you spend lots of time supporting your client’s businesses. But it can be easy to neglect your own.

If you make a plan and check in with it every week, you can not only produce great client work, but also grow your business as well.

Here are six recommendations for making your business goals a reality:

  1. Use words you can measure when you write your goal. For example, “My business is generating $50,000 or more this year.” By making it measurable you know when you’re on track and when you’re not.
  2. Make the goal feel like a stretch. But not so big that you don’t believe it’s possible.
  3. Write down the “Why.” It’s rare that people want money for its own sake. We usually want money for the experiences it provides. Remembering the “why” goes a long way towards reaching your goal.
  4. Map out a path and set deadlines. For example, if I want to generate $50,000, a supporting activity might be networking. So my plan might include attending one in-person networking event each month. Another might be to collect all of your contacts in one place so you can send an announcement about your business.
  5. Track your progress. Some of your projects will be one-time activities (like getting your contacts together). Others, like networking, will repeat every month. You can use an excel spreadsheet, program or a physical planner.
  6. Celebrate success! Take time each month to celebrate your progress and give yourself a treat for sticking with your plan.

By the way, you can start your plan any time of the year, you don’t have to wait until January. With incremental action over the course of weeks and months, you can transform your business.




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