The Chicken, The Egg, or Attending the Conference?

Jun 12, 2023
The VA Connection: The Chicken, The Egg Or Attending The Conference?

As you already know, I'm so excited about The VA Connection® LIVE conference I'm hosting in October. I can’t wait to be in a room with like-minded Virtual Assistants ready to uplevel their businesses and themselves so they can live their best lives as business owners (and humans!).

We have amazing workshops and keynotes planned for both days of the conference. We’ll learn about best practices in marketing, how to make the most of networking, self-care tips, building self-esteem, confidence, and more. (Read more and sign up here). 

There will be meaningful conversations and connections made. Participants will leave inspired and deeply connected to our community and their dream business. They will be filled with energy and with a renewed commitment to step into the next phase of their lives with confidence.
People have signed up from all over the world and will meet online friends for the first time IRL. I can’t wait and, just saying, we’ll have amazing goodie bags!

I’ve been reaching out to you via email, messenger, and our Facebook community to make sure you know that you are invited. From some of you, I’m hearing: “I can’t swing it financially because my business hasn’t taken off yet.” Or, “I hope to come next year.” 

My first thought when I read those messages was, “Uh-oh. That’s not going to work.”

Waiting for your business to “take off” before you invest in yourself is not a winning strategy. And anything with the word “hope” is usually a no-go. Because waiting and hoping doesn’t work. What works is leaning in, doing the work, and figuring it out. Waiting + hope = staying stuck.

Plenty of work is available as a Virtual Assistant no matter where you live. And if you’ve been hanging around with me, you likely know the steps to take, but you’re just not taking them. So what’s the missing link?

Your being in charge is the missing link. I’m reading between the lines and hearing that something or someone else is in charge of this decision for you. Maybe it’s your chicken chatter; maybe you’re not comfortable going for what you want in life. But here’s the thing:  when you don’t decide what’s important to you and go for it, life will choose for you every time. And it’s usually not the choice we had in mind.

There’s still time to jump in. What if you got into action instead? What if you decided that you would do what it takes to attend the conference? What if you showed up in San Antonio with your business underway, money coming in, and then up-leveled even more?

What if you replaced “I can’t” with “How can I figure out how to make it work?” and let your brain work on that instead?

I’m pulling for you. I’m cheering you on. Let’s do this.

Early bird pricing ends Thursday, June 15th, and the payment plan option for all ticket types ends July 15th. Don’t wait. Get into action now.




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