Is Being a Virtual Assistant For You?

Apr 01, 2024
The VA Connection: Is Being a Virtual Assistant For You?

I began work as a Virtual Assistant in 2010, so not much about my daily routine changed in 2020 when people started to work from home. For others, though, the change was dramatic. There was no more commuting, packing a lunch, spending time in traffic, or dressing for the office.

I noticed that many people who were unhappy in their jobs pre-Covid, experienced a wonderful change in their lives when working from home became an option: more time, less stress, higher productivity levels, and a massive reduction in office drama and politics.

As time passed, companies asked their employees to return to the office, which caused many people to search for work-from-home opportunities, hoping they could continue living their new lifestyle.

At that point, Virtual Assistance became an excellent opportunity for many. Here’s the definition to get us started:

A Virtual Assistant provides administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients.

But instead of working full-time for one person or organization, they work “virtually” (usually from home), providing these services to various clients.  

Virtual Assistance is a highly individualized profession - anyone can start doing this work with their existing skills and learn more over time. You don’t need up-to-date technical skills to get started or be a young whipper-snapper to succeed.

New VAs already know how to do many of the tasks they would help entrepreneurs with, things like creating PDFs, scheduling appointments, monitoring emails, editing, researching, and paying their bills.

You do need a computer, but you don’t need a ton of applications or expensive tools.

Here are the key advantages to becoming a Virtual Assistant: 

  1. Flexibility. You decide when you’ll work. You set your hours.
  2. Great money. You decide how much you’ll get paid for your work. And it’s probably a lot more than you think.
  3. Work from anywhere. You decide where you’ll work. I have worked in barns, dance studios, and my car, waiting for my daughter during lessons.
  4. No dress code. No more expensive office wardrobe. You can get comfy and stay comfy.
  5. “Whole brain” work. No more working for the sake of work. You’re part of the decision-making process with your clients.
  6. Fulfillment. It’s rewarding to help others succeed. And it’s part of our VA DNA.

If this sounds good to you and you’re ready to make a change in your life, I hope you’ll check out my website, It’s filled with resources and information for you to explore and learn more.


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