Be Easy to Work With

Jan 17, 2021
The Virtual Assistant Connection: Be Easy to Work With

I attribute a large part of my success as a virtual assistant to being super-easy to work with. That means that I often put my clients’ preferences ahead of my own.

I’m not talking about getting taken advantage of or being mistreated. What I’m talking about is thinking about their needs first, while never sacrificing my own.

Here are some examples…

  • If I need a client’s credit card number to buy something for them. I could ask them to fill in a credit card form (for my convenience), or I can offer to let them text it to me, take a photo and send it to me, or give it to me over the phone. Whatever is easiest for them.

  • When I need a client’s password to access an account. I could ask them to sign up and use LastPass (my convenience), or I can have my own LastPass account and take the passwords – however it’s easiest for them to give them to me, then enter them in my LastPass account.

  • When a client sends me text for an email newsletter or a website update. I could tell them that it must be in MS Word (my convenience), or I can ask them what’s easiest for them. Depending on how they send it, I may need to fool with the formatting a little bit. But it usually takes me just a few minutes, and my clients get to work in the software that’s easiest for them.

Because I am accommodating and flexible, my clients all feel that working with me is easy—which is exactly how I want them to feel. My job is to remove friction from their lives, not add to it. And the truth is that the accommodations only make me a better VA because I learn multiple ways to do the same thing!




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