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The Next Step After VA School 

If you LOVED the community that we built together in VA School...

… And you want a way to KEEP getting access to the community, support, coaching from me, and brand NEW trainings…

… So that you can get your questions answered as they come up…

… Get more momentum and clients in your business TOGETHER than you would by yourself…

... And STAY in a judgment-free zone full of people that are truly rooting for you…

... You’re invited to join us in VIP Club!

If that’s you, The VA Connection VIP Club is waiting.

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So School’s Out... What Now? 


When you first joined VA School you joined for a reason - whether it was to FINALLY start your VA business, gain new skills, or just meet other people in the same boat. 

Now that you’re on the other side of the training, you’ve probably experienced some sort of change in your business - but you might also be feeling a little overwhelmed. 

A little “behind” (especially if you didn’t make it all the way through the training). And maybe even a little scared & unsure about what to do next.  

And you might still have questions - which is totally NORMAL!

Because here's the thing about success:

Every time you make progress in your business, you’re going to have NEW questions...NEW problems to solve...and NEW challenges that you’ll want to get support on. 

Think about it this way - did you STOP learning new things just because you graduated from school? 

Of course not! 

It’s natural to keep having questions as you get to the next phases of your business. 

And it’s natural to keep needing support - because every new level of success comes with NEW challenges, right? 

We built such a GREAT community in VA School (seriously, every study hall I got so many messages from people telling me how AWESOME it was)...

That I wanted to find a way to CONTINUE that amazing community and support for YOU as a VA School Graduate.

Introducing The VIP Club

 A membership for VA School Grads ONLY that’s the BEST way to KEEP getting access to coaching, community, support, and training. 


You’ll CONTINUE to get support in the Facebook group, LIVE coaching calls with me, plus monthly guest expert calls on all the topics you care about the most, AND access to hours of trainings that are added to each week…

All for a super-affordable low membership fee. 

This is a place where you have a voice and are heard.

Twice a month, we get together on a Zoom call and I answer all of your questions, share my screen with you to give step-by-step instruction so that you can take your business to the next level. And you can share your screen with me, and your VIP friends, for feedback.

When you can't make it, you can submit your question in advance, and my answer will be recorded for you. 

Recordings for all the Live Q&A Strategy Calls are housed on the VIP Membership site.

Our fabulous VIP Club Facebook Group, where you'll the get support and encouragement you want and need.

I am in the group daily and interact with our community regularly by answering questions and helping you to use and create the systems that maintain my six-figure income as a virtual assistant.

Every week I deliver live training to our entire community called Lessons From The Cockpit. After the show airs, it gets moved into the VIP Club Vault for your exclusive viewing.

There are over 100 recordings in The Vault on a wide variety of topics. Here are a few highlights:

Goal Setting
How to Use Streamyard
Webinars: How to Set Them Up and Make Them a Great Experience
The Successful VA Mindset
How to Fire a Client
How to Let Clients Know What You Are Capable Of
How to Create and Use a Freebie to Grow Your Business
How to Manage Your Daily Workflow

Accompanying worksheets, cheat sheets, and resource guides are here, too.

One of the biggest challenges with an online business is that we often work in very isolated conditions. That’s where the Accountability Challenges come in.

Here's how it works:

You sign up to participate
You set your goals
You report in twice a week in the VIP forum
You collect points for playing
Have fun getting stuff done!

We're kicking off the next Accountability Challenge on September 23rd! You don't want to miss this!

Every month we'll deliver a guest expert or expert training session right to our VIP membership community.

Past Guest Experts have spoken on the following topics: 

Women and Money
How to Set Goals Like a Rockstar
Instagram 101
Content Creation Strategies
How to Boost Your Confidence

I welcome suggestions about the topics you want to hear about most.

Recordings for all the Expert Series Calls  are housed on the VIP Membership site.

Once a month, one of our talented and fabulous VIP Club members will showcase a skill or some secret sauce that has helped them grow their VA business.

In past sessions we've learned:

Cool Ways to Add Subtitles to Videos
What's a CRM and How They Can Help Your Business
How to Use Styles in Word

Clubhouse Orientation for Beginners
How to Tie Toggle To Your Calendar

Pinterest: How It Can Boost Your Business
And more...

Recordings for all the Exclusive Monthly Training Sessions are housed on the VIP Membership site.

Face it, we all have voices in our heads that sounds like overwhelm, doubt, scarcity, and kills our confidence.

It sounds like the constant clucking of chickens, which is why I call these voices "Chicken Chatter".

Every Monday I'll go live and deliver a tip or trick to help keep your mind focused on success, abundance and confidence.

Recordings for all the Curb Your Chicken Chatter Mindset Sessions are housed in the Facebook group and can be found in the Guides.

Want a place to let your hair down? Once a month we get together on Zoom and have some fun.

We answer questions, share stories and get to know each other. 

Recordings for all the Member Parties are housed on the VIP Membership site.

About Belinda

Founder and Chief Cheerleader of The VA Connection, Belinda Sandor has been a successful virtual assistant for 12 years. In her own VA business, RocketGirl Solutions, Belinda is hired by solo-professionals and very small businesses to act as their Virtual Assistant.

She founded The VA Connection in the fall of 2018 with the goal of educating and connecting Virtual Assistants all over the world. Her online community, The VA Connection, is home to over 26,000 members from 47 countries. Her passion is to teach Virtual Assistants how to be successful entrepreneurs.

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Expert Series
Exclusive Monthly Training Sessions
Curb Your Chicken Chatter Mindset Sessions
Monthly Parties

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What Members Are Saying About The Club

Marie Patel

I am so happy I joined the VIP club!  I would otherwise be "out in the middle of the sea fluttering around all by myself”.  Thank you for providing this guidance and community!  Certainly is my “lifeboat”!!

Kim Tyler

I love working with Belinda because of her commitment to excellence, her drive to keep learning and her very impressive organizational skills. She brings a wealth of real-life knowledge to the VA role and is realistic about the steps required to make this type of business successful. She is never “stumped” - if she doesn’t know something, she’ll research it and then make a sound recommendation based on her thorough research.

I heartily recommend working with Belinda to anyone exploring the VA role.

Gina DeLuca Havranek

I have really enjoyed working with Belinda. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about running a successful VA business, she is incredibly generous with sharing her tried and true techniques for working with clients and running a business. Belinda is also very personable and fun to work with. I always look forward to our group and one-on-one calls, where we sometimes spend a few minutes catching up on what is going on in our worlds, before getting down to business.

It has also been great getting to know other members of the group and providing support and feedback to each other.

Nancy Albertson

Belinda, shares a wealth of proven strategies, in a fun and creative way, to lay the foundation to build a successful virtual assistant career. Hats off to Chief Cheerleader Belinda and The VA Connection for giving me the confidence to launch my first entrepreneurial effort!

Melinda McMahon

Belinda a.k.a. RocketGirl truly is a RocketGirl. Belinda … walks the talks, shares her knowledge, and is a professional to a “T” and a great listener! She has a wealth of knowledge and I was one of the lucky ones who experienced this firsthand while working with her.

I’m grateful that I have her as a resource in my journey as a VA! 

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